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  • Staffing Medical USA, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare staffing services to hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  • We specialize in the recruitment, placement and personalized care of our travel nurses throughout the United States.
  • We also offer long term contract and direct placement. We have thousands of travel nurse jobs.


Staffing Medical USA, Inc. is a Joint-Commission-certified travel nurse employment agency providing short and long term travel RN assignments across the USA. Along with its other specialty staffing companies, we are a time tested family owned group of staffing firms dating back to 1970. Our goal is to provide our travel nurses with the very best experience that serves you. We not only want to provide you with great travel nurse jobs, we want to be a part of your travel experience. The best way to find out who we are is have a conversation with our staff. We hope you like what you hear.



Staffing Medical USA, Inc is a focused company on a mission to: 

First Seek out healthcare professionals who, by their very nature, enjoy the challenges of working in the finest healthcare facilities and desire to exceed professional expectations. 

Once sourced, we provide a “Company Home” where their true value is understood and appreciated; a place where they are properly compensated financially; a place where they are offered a generous benefits package that assists them in meeting their present and future financial and health goals; a place that supports their professional, social, and educational pursuits. 

Second We are a professional nursing and allied healthcare staffing company that hospitals and healthcare facilities can rely on for their human resource needs. We provide them the “peace of mind” that when they need additional staff to meet their own goals, we have competent, licensed, professional clinicians available. We meet their staffing needs in an organized and professional manner in which all of their requirements are fulfilled. 

Lastly We seek to accomplish our mission through the use of current technology to expedite and enhance communication.


To treat all individuals with dignity and respect
To continually meet or exceed the service expectations of our constituents
To be friendly, fair and firm in all of our relationships
To collaborate with all team members to fulfill our promises and expectations
To continually improve the quality of care and services that we provide

Staffing Medical USA is certified by The Joint Commission and has earned it’s Gold Seal of Approval.


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